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This film tells the story of Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, an Argentinian human rights organization of grandmothers committed to finding their lost grandchildren. They believe these grandchildren were stolen by their government during the country’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983, a period in Argentina’s history referred to as the Dirty War.

At least 10,000, and some estimate as many as 30,000, dissidents of the military dictatorship were kidnapped, tortured and killed during this time. Those kidnapped became known as Los Desaparecidos or “the disappeared.” An estimated 500 of these were pregnant women or new mothers whose babies were taken from them and given to people sympathetic to the regime.  Everything about these babies’ identities was changed.

The grandmothers banded together and began their search in 1977, and they have been searching ever since. Las Abuelas has found more than 100 of the missing grandchildren, many of whom had no idea about their true identities.

Through more than forty interviews with members of Las Abuelas, found grandchildren, family members of the missing and many others, this film explores the haunting question: Is the right to know who you are a basic human right?